The Texas Carnival Glass Club holds its annual four-day convention in February or March. Events include educational seminars and banquet program featuring internationally known speakers, carnival glass displays, silent auction, dealers and club members selling carnival glass, and a public auction of Carnival Glass.

Texas Carnival Glass Club Convention
March 18-21, 2015
Dallas, Texas

2015 Convention Summary

Food, Fun, Education, Intrigue, Food, Camaraderie, Competition, and lots of Glass (and Food)

When thinking about highlights of the Texas convention my first thought was that the leading sentence is really all one needs to know. But on second thought, perhaps a little expansion would be appropriate.

Let me first say that all carnival glass conventions are rewarding experiences with much preparation, thought and energy exerted by the host organizations always resulting in an interesting time for attendees. Differences in conventions are many, but size is an important one. The Texas convention is not one of the largest, but the result is a close, personal relationship feeling among all attendees, especially new or first time attendees. So if you are hesitant to attend a convention you may want to get your feet wet in one of the smaller ones. You will become one of the group immediately with introductions, assistance understanding events, help with glass considerations or whatever else might make you comfortable … and the food and glass are GREAT!

Wednesday – First day.  Majority of arrivals on this day. Room displays set up, early look at glass for sale in rooms, and initial catch-up with old friends. Wednesday is a busy day. The club hosted lunch in the hospitality room and later and outstanding evening meal. Thanks so much to the efforts of Dorothy Morgan and Peggy Wilcox, who make it all happen seamlessly in the hospitality room day in and day out. The evening meal this year was prepared by Jeff Phillips and received rave reviews. There is some effort underway to convince Jeff to do something similar for the 2016 convention.

Wednesday evening we gathered in a meeting room and everyone participated in the annual Texas “Show & Tell” event. Interesting glass, great stories of the hunt to find it, and a good time had by all. For the 2016 event club officers are considering conducting an “Ugly Glass” contest. The last time we did this was several years ago and Jim Seeck won hands down. ….could be a lot of fun.  If it happens you won’t want to miss it.

Thursday – More arrivals, display set-ups, and glass for sale. Most importantly a glass seminar hosted by Don and Barb Chamberlain entitled “An Iowa Connection”. It was amazing to see what wonderful and unique glass they have found at estate sales, yard sales, and antique malls in the state of Iowa. They have clearly put lots of effort into the search and have been well rewarded. Their presentation was recorded by Brian Pitman and will be available for viewing. I should note that the Texas club purchased new high intensity lighting for use in convention seminars and it really made the glass sparkle. Of course we all were treated to a great lunch in the hospitality room.

Thursday evening the annual Whitley Award banquet was held. Club President, Emmett Morgan, had announced the intended winners of the Whitley Award during the club’s December meeting. The first presenter was Jim Lee, club President when the Whitley Award came into being. Jim started talking about the intended winners, Tommy and Jeannie Whitley, until he got to a point of describing some sort of past problem which he declared made Tommy ineligible. Boy was Emmett confused. Jim went on to say he had discussed this problem with Floyd Whitley and they had agreed a different award winner was appropriate. At which point Jim announced to everyone’s surprise that Emmett and Dorothy Morgan were in fact the 2015 Whitley Award recipients. Chaos. When things settled down a little we had somewhat of a first, Emmett and Dorothy were temporarily speechless. Floyd Whitley took the podium and in his usual fashion described how proud he was to be there to see the Morgans receive this award. Tommy Whitley, Lanell Roy, Richard Cinclair, and Carol Curtis all added heartfelt and sometimes humorous comments on what the Morgan’s have done to further the carnival glass hobby …. and just how difficult it was to keep a surprise like this from the club President. It was quite an evening to say the least.

Friday – Much happening on this day. Auction glass being set up by the Seeck’s, Room Display balloting due in the afternoon, Silent Auction closes at 3pm to a flurry of bids (thanks to a generous group of attendees), a glass seminar, the club business meeting ---- not much time for fooling around on Friday. Of course there was another fantastic lunch setup in the hospitality room. I would be remiss if I did not mention what a treat it is to walk into Gary Lickver’s room and see 80– 125 pieces of stunning carnival glass, any of which could go home with you after a little negotiation. Of course at some larger conventions there are additional glass sellers available. If you can’t find a piece of glass you like at a carnival glass convention you just aren’t looking.

Friday afternoon we had a most interesting seminar presentation by Eric Hansen, son of Richard Hansen and nephew to Ronald and Robert Hansen. Eric is an airline pilot who is carrying on the family tradition of making beautiful glass. He gave us the history of the Hansen family and discussed what each brother had done with their glass making talents. Club members had brought in quite a number of Robert Hanson pieces to display and Eric brought art vases and paperweights he had made that were really stunning. It was a great exchange of information and many members took home a beautiful piece of Eric’s glass. Truly and education for one and all.

The Texas club banquet was held Friday evening followed by a Carl and Eunice Booker presentation entitled “Carnival ABC’s”. They very skillfully involved the audience as they worked through carnival examples from A to Z. Again, beautiful glass, interesting stories, and an engaged audience.

The banquet concluded with awards for room displays, announcement of plans for the 2016 convention, and a report on the Silent Auction results. Then we were off to preview the Saturday auction glass. As usual there was something for everyone to get excited about.

Saturday – Club officers and Seeck Auctions have agreed to reduce the volume of auction glass so that attendees can get on the road in the early afternoon following the auction. This year Jim brought a little over 200 pieces. He worked through those pieces in about 2 ½ hours. With Auction Flex bids creating a starting point it doesn’t take long to get to the final price and everyone was pleased when the auction concluded just after noon. This was a nice selection of glass with the majority of it selling to floor bidders. The highlight might have been the price attained by the two stippled Norwood Grape and Cable punch sets. The blue one closed at $2,600 and the marigold one at $3,600.

Special thanks to: Brian Pitman, Galen and Kathi Johnson and Cathy Dunham for their great video efforts; Don and Barb Chamberlain, Eric Hansen, and Carl and Eunice Booker for bringing glass to entertain and educate us; and to the board members of the Texas Club for another outstanding convention.

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